What Is The Billion Coin
And How Can It Make YOU Money?

Double Your Money Every 25 Days With The Most
Valuable CryptoCoin In Existence!
When You Buy TBC The Price You Pay TODAY Will
INCREASE By 1-5% Per Day (AVG = 3%) Guaranteed!

The Billion Coin also known as TBC is a crypto currency that launched in March 2016 at less than a penny per coin.

Since that day it has skyrocketed to over $5,000 Per Coin as of March 2017. YES this coin cost more than FOUR times what Bitcoin costs today after just one short year in the market.

The key aspects of this unique currency are that it is a decentralized currency so no one person owns or controls it, all transactions are monitored by a centralized ledger and the coins can be purchased in virtually any amount even as low as $10.

Here is what TBC Is NOT

1. It is NOT a coin that goes up and down in price due to market volatility like Bitcoin
2. It is NOT listed on any crypto currency exchange. It is Abundance Driven By Growth of the community which is currently over 90,000 members world wide.
3. It is NOT an MLM program or referral program. There are NO referral links or compensation plans.
4. It is NOT a scam or ponzi program where those who get in early benefit from those who come in later. The price is universal for everyone who holds the coins and bound by a member agreement everyone agrees to.
5. It is NOT an investment that involves risk of loss. EVERYONE who purchases TBC can have the piece of mind to know that the day after they purchase and every day thereafter they can sell their TBC for a profit!

The coin is guaranteed to increase in value by 1-5% daily
and EVERYONE has the guarantee to know
that the price you pay today is the least
ANYONE will ever be able to buy it.

In reality you are losing money each day you have not purchased TBC! You can buy Billion Coin from an existing holder independently through virtually any acceptable form of payment or through the TBC Exchange where you can buy and sell with Bitcoin.

As of March 12, 2017 the average daily increase is 3%.

TBC is already responsible for creating a number of millionaires and many are on their way to become Billionaires.

The goal of TBC is to end poverty around the world.

Here Is Some More Food For Thought

It Took Bitcoin FIVE Years Before It Had It's First Exchange.

TBC Was Launched In March 2016 After Just ONE Year It has a number of vendors and a number of stores that ONLY accept TBC. It took Bitcoin 6 YEARS to Get Its First Vendor.

Note: The TBCoin is revalued every 24 hours and will increase from 1-5% every day average is 3%
At The Current Growth Rate Of 3% YOUR Account Will DOUBLE Every 25 Days! Join TBC Or Explain To Your Loved Ones In A Year How You Could Have But......