The Different Types Of Phone Apps

When the kinds of apps broken down. They basically fall into three categories.
1) Tools Apps

2) Games Apps

3) Marketing App

The Tools App are the ones that people will download if they want to keep an eye on cheap flights or book their travel arrangements. There are tons of them, other examples include the weather app., check their blood pressure, and manage their stock portfolio.

The Games Apps, now these are the fun apps which can be subdivided into playing by yourself or playing with people anywhere in the world. I still find that amazing. There are also a lot of ‘silly apps’ out there, for example I recently came across an app that once download and played –it made farting sounds.(now that is silly)

The Marketing Apps, that’s us. ICANetwork own the market. We are unique in the entire world with this product. All of our clients receive QR codes, unique links to their app. to hand out to their customers, members, subscribers, prospects, so they can easily upload the app. to their mobile device. Our business marketing app. also provides a QR code for customers to opt in to receive specials or informational announcements via text, or get this.. yes, even via email.

The vast majority of our clients spend far more just in those yellow book ads than they do for our service. Yet… studies show over 70% of people looking for a local restaurant, pet sitter, hair salon, vacation plans, contractors - well, you name it, will turn to the internet and not those big black and yellow books anymore. For a company to have their market app on a customers phone - is worth gold.

ICANetwork is leading the charge on the Marketing Phone App. (30 day free trial period, so no risk to you, with the unlimited SMS texting makes this a great deal.) There is nothing that comes close with cost verses value.