Why You Should Be Using QR Codes

QR codes should be a part of your marketing strategy.

The QR code makes it easy for prospects/customers to get to your website by simply scanning that QR Code (no manually typing of that URL link).But… be sure that you are sending them to an optimized website. The ICANetwork QR codes works well with all the different mobile devices on the market. Be aware, that many QR generators out on the internet do not.

Who could have guessed that the QR code technology would revolutionize the mobile marketing industry? The QR code easily takes prospects directly to your website.

The QR code can best be described as a two-dimensional matrix barcode that was designed by the automotive industry.

The Purpose Of A QR Code Is Simple:
The QR code is an effective (shortcut) in directing prospects to land on your website. As there is no manual loading the browser and then trying to type in your URL on that very small mobile keyboard.

Warning – A fundamental that is often made:

If you are using a QR code to direct someone to your website, then make sure it is viewable on that small mobile screen, (site must be mobile optimized)

Do not make this common mistake. When you send someone to your website from scanning a QR code, then make sure that the website has been mobile optimized. Chances are that they are scanning from their smart phone and therefore would be reading from a small smartphone screen.

If a potential prospect or current customer ends up having to scroll to the left, then scroll to the right and try to enlarge the words to make it readable on their small screen, then chances are very good that the user will not bother and end up going to a different website. They will end up on a website that has been mobile optimized and you have lost that business.

Get it right and you have an effective mobile marketing tool,

Get it wrong and you have frustrated and lost potential customers.

The QR Code is the perfect solution to efficiently and very quickly bring a smartphone user to your mobile site. The use of mobile devices on the internet is constantly growing,the QR code cannot be ignored.


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